VTA Tamil School – VCE -2020 Results (Tamil Language)


Congratulations to ALL our VCE-2020 students and their teachers!

Second-year running, one of our students has got the perfect score of 50/50 (without bonus points).*Overall, another year of outstanding results for our VCE students and the school. Out of the 19 students who sat for the Tamil language as a subject for VCE this year, 37% of them have scored above 40 (without bonus points).

With the bonus points added, 63% of our students would get above 40 points. This is an excellent result.Personally, I admire and congratulate all those students who sat for the Tamil language as a subject for VCE. That itself is a great achievement.

They all worked hard and put a lot of time and effort into preparing for the exam. It is not possible for everyone to get over 40 points, but by preparing for the VCE exams, every student’s knowledge has improved tremendously.

We the teachers and the administrators are so proud of all our students and the teachers who coached them.Well-done; all the VCE Students.Thank you; to all the VCE teachers and support staff.

On behalf of the VTA School board,
Param ParamanathanPrincipal- VTA Tamil School