MASTER – Movie Review by NJ (Australia) : 3/10


The recently-released Tamil movie “Master” opens with the tale of our main antagonist, Bhavani, who is sent to an observation home by callous men in power who have brutally killed his family. Only after a good ten minutes do we finally meet our hero, JD (Vijay), a scathing alcoholic and a college psychology professor. I could talk for multiple hours, about the distracting continuity errors, the numerous underlit sequences, the poor musical numbers, but I do not wish to go into extraordinary detail about those relatively minor issues.

The plot is simple: a hardcore alcoholic professor goes up against a criminal who uses minors as scapegoats for his heinous crimes. The movie attempts to break several tropes stuck to Vijay, including having a protagonist without character.

However, writer Lokesh Kanagaraj assumes that character = morality, and so creates a JD who drowns himself in a world of alcohol and heavy metal music. The entire plot, though it feebly attempts to break tropes, unintentionally or not succumbs to those very cliches. Vijay Sethupathi makes for a very threatening and intense villain, though I wonder what more they could have done with the character. My main problem though, is with the supporting characters.

There are dozens of them and they each get three scenes if they’re lucky but then Kanagaraj expects your eyes to water when a few of them die. Andrea Jeremiah’s character is hastily thrown in in the very beginning and then two hours later brought back for an alienating sequence involving a bow-and-arrow that was born only to check the item “strong female character” off of a checklist. Malavika Mohanan’s love interest comes and goes out of the movie as she pleases, and never leaves an impression on the viewer.

Technical Aspects
The technical aspects were mostly fine. More than thrice the editing would abruptly cut to the same angle and sometimes the camera would quickly zoom in for absolutely no reason. The background score was also sometimes too overbearing and the musical numbers were awful, especially the immensely irritating and nonsensical song “Kutti Story”. Several scenes were also underlit, and made it extremely difficult to see what was going on.

In conclusion, I think Master is a movie that will please audiences just for the simple fact that the star is Vijay, however I didn’t enjoy it as much.