GBA Roms Cornish Game Hens with Prosciutto and Rosemary with White...

Cornish Game Hens with Prosciutto and Rosemary with White Beans Recipe


During these 15 minutes, while the cornish hens are baked, prepare the vegetables. Remove yellow leaves from Brussels sprouts and slice each in half. Peel the sweet potatoes and cut Cooking Games – Pizza Games them into cubes. Combine softened butter, olive oil, Italian seasoning, fresh thyme, and salt and pepper.

  • Cornish game hens are a type of hybrid chicken.
  • Oven Roasted Cornish Hen are tender hens generously seasoned with aromatics and a blend of spices.
  • Yes, you really can make bread in an Instant Pot!
  • You’d be surprised at how delicious simple seasoning can be!

Stir in pomegranate seeds, currants and parsley, and adjust for seasoning. Combine kosher salt, black pepper, onion + garlic powder in a small bowl. In the same skillet you seared the hens, add the chopped up back bones and saute until golden; remove and discard. Add the shallots to the pan and cook them until they become translucent and tender.

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This Instant Vortex Plus Cornish Game Hen recipe is incredibly easy to make and is packed with so much flavor. You will fall in love with the crispy outside with the moist tender inside. Cooking your cornish hen in the Instant Vortex Plus gives you a perfectly roasted game hen every single time.

It’s great for making sour cream chicken enchiladas or chicken fajita casserole. Slow cooker friendly – this recipe can be made in a slow cooker, so it’s perfect for busy weeknights or meal prepping. Place game hens breast side up on top of the vegetables. Courtney loves to share great wine, good food, and loves to explore far flung places- all while masting an everyday elegant and easy style. Lightly season chickens with salt, pepper, and herbs.

Roast Cornish Game Hens

Cook the hens until they register 150°F in the thickest part of the breast measured with an instant-read thermometer. It’s hard to measure thigh temp as it’s a very small target, but it’s likely to be 170°F or higher by the time the breast hits 150°F. Place the hens on a rack in a shallow roasting pan. Brush the hens with some of the basting butter and sprinkle generously with salt inside and out.

Glazed Cornish Game Hen for Two

Fill a large bowl with cold water and place the packaged cornish hen in the bowl and change the water every 30 minutes until the hen is thawed. Tent hens with aluminum foil as hens carryover cook, do not carve for at least 10 minutes. Place 1 lemon wedge, 4 garlic cloves, and 1 sprig rosemary in cavity of each hen. That being said, the BEST way to determine that they are done is to check the birds in the thickest part of it with a meat thermometer. As mentioned above the average size is about 1.4 pounds each. For hens larger than 1.4 pounds, you’ll want to increase the baking time to minutes when the temperature is reduced to 350F.

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